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    Male Fertility

    • Comprehensive Testosterone Profile -IGN Blood Test

      Use: Did you know that an erectile dysfunction can be a sign of an underlying health condition that needs treatment? This comprehensive profile offers testing of possible health conditions that may be causing impotence...

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    • Male Fertility Profile Blood Test

      Use:The panel includes a battery of tests to diagnose fertility disorders in men due to deficiency of progesterone, testosterone, thyroid hormone etc. It also includes urinalysis to quantify metabolic products of hormones...

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    • Erectile Dysfunction Profile

      Use:This profile is used as a health screening for men experiencing erectile dysfunction, a condition when you're unable to get and maintain an erection. This profile also includes tests that provide important information...

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      Male Fertility

      Did you know that approximately 15% percent of couples are infertile? This means that a couple is unable to get pregnant over the course of a year, despite having unprotected sex during the times the woman is ovulating. In 40% of infertile couples, men are the responsible party. Their inability to conceive may be due to a low sperm count, low testosterone or other health issues.

      In order to have a successful pregnancy, the male must produce a healthy sperm count, the sperm has to be carried into the semen, there must be enough sperm in the semen and sperm must be able to move and function correctly. Some causes for male infertility are varicocele (veins swell and drain testicle); infection such as inflammation or a sexually transmitted disease; problems ejaculating; antibodies that attack sperm; tumors; undescended testicles (testicle hasn't moved into its proper position in scrotum before birth); hormone imbalances; defects of tubes that transport sperm; sexual intercourse issues; Celiac disease; medications; and previous surgeries. Environmental causes such as exposure to heavy metals or industrial chemicals can reduce sperm production. Lifestyle choices such as heavy drinking or drug use can also have an effect on the sperm.

      Personalabs offers male fertility testing. This includes a semen analysis, which measures the amount of semen and evaluates the number and quality of sperm in the sample. This test will determine if there are any abnormalities in the shape or movement of the sperm, as well as examine if there are any infections present.
      Also included is testosterone testing, which is part of a hormone evaluation. Testosterone plays an important role in sexual development and controlling the production of sperm. Personalabs offers a Testosterone, Total, Serum and a Comprehensive Testosterone Panel to check your levels.

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