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Telemedicine when you need it

The Personalabs Telemedicine service allows patients to speak directly with a board-certified physician using their phone or computer to discuss their personal health concerns, health symptoms, obtain medical guidance concerning appropriate treatment for their symptoms, and obtain prescriptions for some health conditions.

Our Telemedicine service is especially helpful for people who want or need to consult with a doctor without having to schedule an in-person doctor’s visit, for people with no insurance or high-deductible insurance policies who want to control their out-of-pocket costs for physician visits and consultations, and for patients who must travel long distances to visit a doctor.

Benefits of Telemedicine compared to traditional in-person doctor visits include:

> Physician consultations can be conducted at a time and place that is convenient for the patient
> Reduced wait time: same day appointments and next day appointments available
> Improved privacy: Consultations can take place in the comfort and privacy of one’s home or office
> Reduces time away from work for medical visits
> Eliminates travel expenses of visiting a doctor
> Less interference with child or elder care responsibilities
> Eliminates exposure to other potentially contagious patients
> Affordability:  for patients with no insurance or high-deductible insurance policies, telemedicine physician consultations usually cost less than a traditional in-person doctor visit and can reduce out-of-pocket costs

Telemedicine Services Available

> Consult with a board-certified doctor concerning one’s personal health symptoms and health concerns
> Doctor-directed lab testing
> Review lab test results and obtain guidance for further medical treatment
> Prescription writing services for sexually transmitted diseases and infections (STD’s/STI’s)

How to Schedule a Telemedicine Consultation

Click any of the links below to:

> Schedule an appointment to review your lab test results
> Obtain medical guidance as to which tests are recommended for your health concerns.




    Don't understand your results? No worries! Schedule a 15-minute consult with one of our physicians.Learn More

    Doctor Directed Testing

    Not sure which test is right for you? Let one of our doctors guide you in the right direction.Learn More

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