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    Nutrition and Vitamins

    • Vitamin D, 25-hydroxy Blood Test

      Use: The Vitamin D 25-Hydroxy is used to rule out Vitamin D deficiency.  Your body absorbs Vitamin D through exposure to sunlight, as well as through consumption of plants, foods and supplements...

      From: $90.00 $79.00 View Test
    • Vitamin B12 Blood Test

      Use:  Vitamin B12 is a collection of molecules found in the body.   Vitamin B12 is important for the normal functioning of the brain and nervous system and for the formation of blood. It is normally involved in...

      From: $47.00 View Test
    • Vitamin B12 and Folates Blood Test

      Use: This anemia blood test and B12 deficiency test is useful in assessing an individuals nutritional status or to evaluate the cause of anemia.   Vitamin B12 is a collection of molecules found in the body. Vitamin...

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    • Magnesium, RBC Blood Test

      Use: With the Magnesium, RBC blood test you can measure the magnesium deficiency. This test is very important to evaluate kidney problems, gastrointestinal concerns or uncontrolled diabetes.   Recommended For: Those...

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    • Potassium Blood Test

      Use: This test is used to measure potassium levels and determine if there is an electrolyte balance. Potassium is an important electrolyte that works to make sure there is enough fluid in the body, help with muscle...

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    • Basic Vegan/ Vegetarian Profile Blood Test

      Use: This profile is designed by Dr. J. E. Williams to support a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle and help catch any imbalances in your body at the earliest stages. This profile tests for standard blood chemistry, cholesterol...

      From: $373.00 $182.00 View Test
    • Optimal Vegan/ Vegetarian Profile Blood Test

      Use: This profile is designed by Dr. J. E. Williams to support a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle and help catch any insufficiencies in your body at the earliest stages. The optimal profile includes all of the tests in our...

      From: $619.00 $274.00 View Test
    • Vitamin B1 - Thiamine Blood Test

      Use: The Vitamin B1 Test  is used to determine Vitamin B1 deficiency, which is usually a result of alcoholism or chronic illness, as well as malnutrition.  The function of Vitamin B1, also...

      From: $85.00 View Test
    • Vitamin B6 Blood Test

      Use: Vitamin B6 aids in the production of antibodies and hemoglobin. It keeps glucose within normal ranges and breaks down proteins. Natural sources of Vitamin B6 are:                ...

      From: $100.00 View Test
    • Folate, RBC Blood Test

      Use:Folic acid/folate is a vitamin essential for nerves and blood cells. Folate deficiency leads to anaemia and peripheral nerve conditions . The test helps diagnose nutritional folate deficiency and assess efficacy of...

      From: $62.00 View Test
    • Comprehensive Vitamin Profile Blood Test

      Use: Vitamin imbalances can cause or contribute to many overall health issues. This vitamin deficiency test will show you if you have any overall health issues. If you use supplements, you can use this test to see if your...

      From: $693.00 $426.00 View Test
    • Zinc Blood Test

      Use: This test is used to detect zinc deficiency as well as monitor exposure to zinc.  Zinc is an essential element associated with promoting immune function, fetal development and wound healing.  Measurements of...

      From: $74.00 View Test
    • Organic Acid Analysis Urine Test

        Use:This test is useful in the diagnosis and monitoring of patients with defects of organic acid metabolism and amino acid metabolism existing from birth, as well as urea cycle defects, and defects of the...

      From: $945.00 View Test
    • Selenium Blood Test

      Use:This test measures the amount of selenium in the blood and monitors selenium deficiency and occupational exposure. Selenium is an essential mineral and an important antioxidant that is available through consuming meat,...

      From: $79.00 View Test
    • Vitamin C Blood Test

      Use:  Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin that is necessary for growth, repair and development of tissues, skin, tendons, ligaments, blood vessels and also healing.  Natural sources of Vitamin C...

      From: $83.00 View Test
    • Coenzyme Q10 Blood Test

      Use:This test is used to monitor the blood level of Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) which will ensure more precise dosing for anyone looking to achieve and maintain high levels of this important antioxidant.   Coenzyme Q10 is a...

      From: $206.00 View Test
      Nutrition and Vitamins

      Are you currently taking vitamins? Are you wondering if they are working?

      Well you can get a simple vitamin blood test or urine test from Personalabs to evaluate the levels of different vitamins in your system.

      Vitamins are essential as they provide your body with the nutrients it needs to operate at its best. If you are not getting the proper amount of nutrients, your body may not be able to fight off infection or disease which could lead to serious health issues.

      Some symptoms usually associated with vitamin deficiencies are anemia, brittle nails, fatigue, muscle pain and weakness, rashes, shortness of breath and weight loss. Normally, vitamin deficiencies occur slowly after a couple of months to a year. At this time, symptoms may start showing and often worsen over time when left untreated.

      Let Personalabs provide you with the laboratory tests you need at affordable prices. Instead of taking time out of your busy schedule to go wait at the doctor’s office to receive a script to get blood work done, Personalabs can provide you with the doctor’s order immediately so you can get tested right away. The process is easy and if you need assistance, there are customer care specialists standing by to help. Take control of your health and find out what you need to know today!

      And Remember: At Personalabs, Your Privacy is our Priority


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